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you'll be able to hear it, you'll be able to see it. we call the san francisco artists and galleries and said, hey, we want a building that is a place people want to come to work in and to visit. we're now going to be buying art from between 08 and 100 local artists in san francisco and the arts commission will be hanging in that art the next couple of months in the building. >> we'll have a cafe in the lobby. the cafe will be serving people there. they'll have a child care center on-site so people with children can come to work. if something happens to their child they can walk right downstairs. it has enough space for 65 kids. >> we looked at various ways that we could be creative in promoting alternative transportation. we did this by providing bike racks and showers in the building. we do see the number of parking spaces to two parking spaces and providing electrical charging stations for
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alternative vehicles. >> it's time for us to have a home that all of us can be proud of. >> and we couldn't do this without everybody working together on the one goal, which is, let's build something that reflects the honor of hetch hetchy, the honor of the greatest engineering feats, reflects what our puc does for our public, and for generations to come it will educate everybody. >> i'm really proud that one of the greenest and most sustainable buildings is here in norm in district 6. the wind turbine, the solar power, the living machines, recycled water that ed and the mayor has already spoken to. and what's also amazing about this building is it's not just internally, but you can actually see it on the outside. so, when people are walking around the city they can actually see the green and environmental aspects.
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>> what better way to show that the puc cares about the environment and the puc is going to show everyone else, you can do this, too. and you can do it in a way that makes sense, that's affordable, and that is better for the environment. >> and this is the most energy efficient government building in the united states today, if not the world. and it is an example that the entire united states can look to and say, that's what we need to do to save our city hundreds of millions of dollars in energy consumption a year and set an example to everybody of how to save energy, to be green, to be sustainable, to be responsible. the city is leading the way. >> it will be immediately recognizable and iconic from various parts of the city or even if you see a picture. that's the sfpuc building. it's a wonderful building.
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>> okay. i would like to introduce lt. dwight retired from the san bernardino police department, graffiti-fighter extraordinaire. he will be our next speaker, so please listen to mr. dwight waldo. [ applause ] >> thank you, drew. i'm very pleased to be here and i'm pleased to see so many people attending. my program basically is on training and expertise, being able to go out and understand the graffiti culture and take it to court for successful prosecution.
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just a little background. i won't read it all. i was a lt. the last three months and if you google me under "sergeant" you will find nothing. i stick with sergeant, because there is google on there. i was with the city of san bernardino, california, 80 miles outside of los angeles. i'm recognized as an expert in graffiti and i have done everything from being an officer to being a supervisor of the unit, to be a supervisor of multi-agency units dealing with it, to being the executive director for the entire state california state association of graffiti inspectors. so i have a fair amount of background. i was first involved in 1991 in
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the gang unit to deal with the guys called taggers. i continued with that until i retired last june. so it was a long two weeks. it's kind of typical, because a lot of times jurisdictions don't understand how deep the issue is when it comes to graffiti. i am a certified instructor and teach officers on this area. i have had my card handed out. this is my phone number. i have absolutely no problem with people calling me any time to discuss graffiti issues, graffiti cases. any of that stuff, i'm always available. that is why i put my card out there. so first off, before we get into the graffiti program we have to talk about the person who is going to be dealing with graffiti when he gos to court. i understand from my experience that personnel and training are the two keys to success in any
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detail. we're going to talk specifically about graffiti. but in any assignment, as a police officer. when we hire on a police officer, we look for three major things besides integrity. we look for the ability to do the job, the desire to do the job, and having the interest. if you are missing any one of those three things eventually that officer is not going to be successful. and when i was in personnel training we are were only hiring academy one out of every 100 people who applied to our city. so you can see it's a very stringent requirement to get people that you are looking for to do the job you want to have done. so this is really important when we were first initially deciding who is going to be a police officer, because we want to get them into the academy and get them through probation and make them successful officers ,

January 26, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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